Image Mining  has extensive experience in developing sensor systems and the software for the realtime, automated extraction of relevant information from the sensor signals.  Relevant information can include detection, classification and recognition of objects of interest or events of interest in the signals.  Image Mining is a Limited Liability Company registered in Michigan, USA.

We work closely with the designers of the sensor systems to insure that the sensor chosen has the optimum parameters to enable the system to fulfill its chosen function.  Sensor parameters that can be key to robust performance  include sensing modality, sensor wavelength[s], sampling frequency, spatial resolution, spectral resolution, radiometric resolution, noise generation and characterization, optical components.  Other system parameters of importance include mechanical components, computation components, software language selection, software engineering.

Image Mining LLC is dedicated to the production of robust systems:  i.e., systems based on theory rather than heuristics, systems that can function effectively when confronted with signals and situations that were not imagined during the design and testing of the system.  Our employees have participated in numerous projects that produced machine vision systems for factories and sensor systems for military and space deployment.


Image Mining LLC Can Provide:

  • GPU Programming Services
  • GPU Workshop to Train Your Programming Teams
  • Algorithm Development in Signal & Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
  • Contract Programming in C, C++
  • Hi-Tech Marketing and Market Research Services

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Signal & Image Processing

Automatic extraction of relevant information from sensor signals:  1D sensors [such as EKG], 2D sensors [imagers],  nD sensors [multiband imagers, etc.] is a key technology to effective utilization of sensor systems.

Image Mining LLC are experts in developing algorithms that can automatically analyze and understand real world scenes as represented by complex, noisy and voluminous sensor signals.

Image Mining solves these issues using a wide range of mathematical tools:

  • Linear Filtering Theory
  • Linear & non-Linear Kalman Filtering
  • Estimation Theory
  • Detection Theory
  • Morphological Mathematics
  • Neural Networks
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Pattern Recognition


Parallel Computation

Image Mining LLC has extensive experience in utilizing High Performance Computers including many different architecture types.

  • Parallel Pipelined Image Processors
    • MIDAS
    • I2S
  • Supercomputers
    • AFRL Desch
  • GPU
    • Nvidia GPUs
  • Parallel Software Paradigms & Libraries
    • MPI
    • OpenMP
    • Cuda

Realizing high throughput enabled by HPCs requires an ability to decompose the processing algorithms such that they accurately match the topology of the algorithm to the topology of the computation device.


Machine Vision & Remote Sensing

Image Mining LLC has participated in projects that developed systems that operate in the real world and also projects that developed systems for factories to monitor product production, measure critical dimensions of parts and thus improve quality and profitability for its clients.