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If you would like People Mining to help you with your people problems, tell us about your frustrations below and fill in the contact information following:

I feel discouraged that we are not maximizing our human capital.
I am concerned about hiring HONEST, RELIABLE people.
I am concerned about hiring people with a good WORK ETHIC?
I am concerned about hiring people with a high risk for SUBSTANCE ABUSE?
I am frustrated that many of my hires fail to reach my expectations for them.
I am concerned that my new hires will integrate smoothly with the rest of the team and the organization
I am upset with the costs of employee turnover.
I am frustrated that I cannot retain my quality employees
I feel stymied by the low productivity of most of our sales force
I am frustrated that our service personnel do not value the customers the way I want them to.
I am frustrated by dysfunctional work teams
I am annoyed with managers who are either destructive or ineffective
I want to put each person in a position to succeed 
I want to create truly powerful teams

Now let us know who you are and how to contact you:




Measuring the Total  Person  

  • Thinking Style:   Can this person perform the job?

  • Career Interests:  Will  this person do the job?

  • Behavioral Traits:  How will this person perform and fit into the team?