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People Mining helps CEOs, business owners and senior managers reduce their people problems.  We design action plans that are individualized for each company and each individual; our analysis is based on the use of personality assessments or personality profiles developed by Profiles International.  


Are you annoyed that too much of your time is spent on People Issues?

These assessments measure the Total Person and give team members, managers and coaches specific, individualized reports that aid them in:

  • Selecting job applicants who not only can perform the job but will do the job.

  • Improving employee, team and department productivity.

  • Retaining the top performers.

"Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. Teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage." 

The tools we provide are useful in many ways:  candidate selection, employee retention, job matching, curing dysfunctional teams to name a few. 

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Do your teams Blamestorm more than they Brainstorm?

Personality Profiles are also useful as Career Coaching tools, identifying jobs that a candidate has both the aptitude to perform  and the interest in performing.


Measuring the Total  Person  

  • Thinking Style:   Can this person perform the job?

  • Career Interests:  Will  this person do the job?

  • Behavioral Traits:  How will this person perform and fit into the team?



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