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Image Mining, Jim Morgenstern, Principal, offers consulting services in several areas:

  • Machine Vision, Robotic Vision, Automatic Inspection for Industry, Metrology

  • 3D Sensing

  • Marketing for High Tech and Start-up Companies

  • Human Resources:  Maximizing Human Capital

Mr. Morgenstern has extensive experience as Project Manager in developing sensor systems and automated processing schemes for them.  His expertise encompasses Systems Theory, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Linear and non-Linear Filtering Theory, Radar, Ultrasound, TV, CCD, Line Scan devices, Multispectral Imaging, FLIR, Infrared, Bar Code scanning, EKG, MRI, CAT, and 3D scanning and also Bioinformatics and DNA Microarray systems.  Developed systems have included Industrial Inspection systems, Earth Resources management systems, medical monitoring systems and patient tracking systems, satellite sensor systems and military optical and radar systems.  

Mr. Morgenstern also has extensive experience in implementing Marketing and Sales functions for start-up technology companies, executing OEM agreements and closing initial sales of the company's products.

Industries that he has served include:  Information Technology, Aerospace, Electronic Devices, Automotive Supplier, Military Sensor Systems, Medical Instrumentation, Biotech and Pharmaceutical.

Image Mining is located in suburban Detroit, MI.  





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