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People Mining can help you to more clearly understand -- you!!  That is, to let you really clue into your interests and styles and then show you how you relate to the broad job market.  We help you to  define which  jobs and careers are most appropriate for you.  It makes sense that the best jobs for you are those that you will enjoy doing and for which you have a natural aptitude for success.  People Mining's Career Coach service can work with you to identify these sorts of jobs.


People Mining is geared to help both students who are just beginning to plan their careers and also anyone who already has a job but is thinking of changing their career.    


The information we provide you allows you to focus your energies on entering positions where you can be both happy and successful.  We do this by employing validated personality assessments which provide you with detailed, individualized reports that will enable you to understand:


  • Your Occupational Interests

  • Your Thinking Style

  • Your Behavioral Characteristics


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I want to find a career that will put me in the best possible position to succeed.   

I am unhappy in my present job and want to understand better the kind of job that would make me happier 
I want to better understand my interests and how they translate into a job in the present marketplace

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Measuring the Total  Person  

  • Thinking Style:   Can this person perform the job?

  • Career Interests:  Will  this person do the job?

  • Behavioral Traits:  How will this person perform and fit into the team?