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Image Mining is a new consulting company active in the following areas:

  • Image Mining  are experts in Machine Vision for Industrial Inspection - This is the art of automatically monitoring products and processes in a factory during manufacture in order to improve quality and increase capacity.  It consists of putting TV cameras or other sensors into a factory and linking their output to a computer; computers may be stupid things but we supply intelligent algorithms and filters that enable them to extract the relevant information from the volumes of noisy and largely irrelevant  data typically output from such sensors and reach proper decisions about the products while they are being manufactured.   Typical systems may be built from CCD cameras or line scan cameras -- both color and black-and-white -- radar, sonar, thermal and FLIR imagers, multispectral and hyperspectral scanners.  In addition we have extensive experience in earth resources monitoring, sensor development, military sensor systems and other optical systems. 

  • Image Mining are experts in 3D Scanning and 3D Scanning Services using Surphaser 3D scanning systems.  Do you have a part or a model and want to quickly and accurately derive a CAD file for it?  Are you trying to reverse engineer parts?  Are you into rapid prototyping?  We can sell you the correct system or perform the service for you on an outsourcing basis.  We promise quick turnaround and high quality scanning for the job. We can handle parts as small as a teacup and as large as bus.  

  • Image Mining are experts in High Tech Marketing and sales.  We have helped several High Tech start-ups transition laboratory curiosities into products by integrating our knowledge of technology with an ability to penetrate markets and ascertain their specific requirements.   

  • People Mining, a subsidiary business activity, is a dealer for Profiles International internet-based personality assessments.  We help managers who are frustrated by people issues:  high turnover, dishonest employees, dysfunctional work teams.  We can help our clients to identify, retain and develop those high-performance individuals that create value. We also apply these same tools to help coach individuals into choosing career paths where they can be successful and happy.   


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